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Who am I

My name is Mathieu-Andre Chiasson.  I have recently graduated from the School of Information Technology and Engineering of the University of Ottawa as a Software Engineer.  I am a professional practitioner of engineering principles in the software development lifecycle.

I am experienced in software development and development lifecycle models such as waterfall, spiral, etc.  I am also experienced in real-time and embedded software development.  I have built distributed system in many area in many languages.  My current field of expertise is radar systems, embedded wireless broadband semiconductor solution, biomedical application and web development.

My Origin
Facterie ŕ Bastien
Facterie ŕ Bastien beach - Tracadie-Sheila

I am a francophone "maritimer" of Acadian Culture.  I used to live in a small town in New-Brunswick called Tracadie-Sheila.  Located at the heart of the Acadian Peninsula in the North-East of New-Brunswick, between two rivers and skirting the sea, Tracadie-Sheila is a site of wonderful marine landscapes.  Fishing and tourism are its main economic activities.

I really enjoy walking along the beach during summer.  It was one of my favorite outdoor activities.  The salty smell and the song of the waves had always charmed me.

Why am I in Ottawa

I graduated from W.-A. Losier High School in 1999, and I knew at that time that I was definitely going to do something in high-technology.  Université de Moncton came to our school and informed us about their available degrees.  I was fascinated by their Computer Engineer degree for the Engineering aspect, but i knew in my heart that computer hardware wasn't the kind of technology that was interesting me.  I wanted something more in the software aspect, and to become a professional engineering practitioner.  Since Universities in Quebec and New-Brunswick was not offering such program, my school's counsellor suggested me to look at the University of Ottawa since they had a new program in Software Engineering.  I applied without hesitating, and I got $3,000 of scholarships from Nortel and the Engineering faculty for my academic achievement.

I really miss the Maritimes, but I have good reasons of staying here in Ottawa. 

My values and interests

First of all, my most important values are my family and my friends.  My career and my work go always in second place.  I also care about justice and equal rights.  I am against racism and discrimination. I care about the environment which is why i am a recycler.

I like science and technologies.  That is also the reason why I choose to roll in engineering because science and technologies is one aspect that you cannot find in many areas.  I have read so many articles about the small the robots they have sent to Mars.  The pictures they sent us were amazing!  I am also member or the IEEE institution, and I receive tons of magazines with tons of articles about the latest technologies.  I am the kind of person that really likes learning stuff about new technologies and trying to figure out a way to find a solution using those technologies.

I like music and I am myself a musician.  I own two guitars.  One is a 12-string acoustic and the other is an electric.  I also play Tenor Saxophone pretty well, but I am not a pro.  I also have an harmonica, which I bring with me everywhere I go.  I have a huge interest in classical music and someday i will be able to buy a piano and learn how to play on my own.  I will also buy a tenor and alto saxophones in a near future.

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